September 27, 2011

The Anime Fate/Zero is coming soon.

Three of the features of the Anime Fate/Zero are (these seem to me..) ,


The first episode(#1) is one-hour Special. (according to the latest NewType which is Japanese famous anime magazine.)


Kinoko Nasu , who is "Fate/stay night" original author , gives extremely good reaction to the first episode in his Blog. (He has seen the movie at a preview.)


Rin is very cute. (Rin Tohsaka at "Fate/stay night" comes on to "Fate/Zero", She is young in "Fate/Zero".).

Brand new TV series "Fate/Zero" will be provided for free for 7 days with eight different language subtitles on Sunday, October 2 at 1:00am (Japan local time).

URL(to watch) is here/


There are a lot of "Fate/stay night and Zero" discourses in Japanese. I will introduce some topics in English for world people as a "Fate fan" in Japan. This is my pleasure.


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