November 18, 2011

A symbolic "Bridge" in Fate/Zero.

Altough there are a lot of "Bridge" Scenes in Fate/Zero, "Bridge" has symbolic meaning in this Anime.

Nitobe Inazoh(author of "Bushidho") who is famous in Japan said "I wish to be a bridge across the Pacific" when Japan was Meiji and Taisho eras(about 19 century).

In that context, "Bridge" is a symbol of the point between values and values.

In Fate/Zero, Saver's values(philosophy), Kiritsugu's philosophy, many Masters and Servants philosophy, there are a lot of values, and those are crossing each other at Holy Grail War.

So, "Bridge" is symbol of this Animation.

Sometimes, I will try to introduce a critical essay(about Anime) in Japan to other language people. Thanks.

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